Heading off to camp…

As I packed the 4wd yesterday with tents, mattress and equipment I smiled to myself. The neighbor sings out “how long are you going for? A month?”. I giggled to myself and thought “no but with a lot of beautiful children to cater for you need lots of equipment”. In saying this the 4wd canopy was not full, which in my mind means room for more!

I’m looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the parents and children today and I can’t wait to take them for  a surfing lessons first thing. (http://www.soulsurfing.com.au/) Surfing with a soul is an amazing idea, teaching kids respect for the earth, ocean and each other while learning a new skill – wonderful.

I know when we return I will be tired as will the kids but I will cherish the extra smile lines that the week has put on my face and the memories in the kids hearts.

See you Friday………

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