Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence

Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence are the three listed personal development areas of children on my web page.

Have you wondered why I picked these?

During and after camp the children all display an increase in their personal development in these key areas.

Independence: At home most things are done for them. Clothes are washed & packed away, maybe even put on the bed to help them get organized in the morning for the day. Breakfast is laid out on the table with little or no expectation of help with the dishes. School bags are packed, lunches, homework all ready to grab (or let parents grab) on the way out the door. NOT at camp – the kids pack their own things, choose their own clothes, get their own cereal, put the dishes off the table & assist in cleaning up, the expectation is for them to manage their own belongings AND they do. They are amazing, no complaints, no problems they just get on with it. Super amazing!

Resilience: What is resilience? It’s about coping with challenges and changes in your life. Wow, camp is a big change from home life.  The kids are immersed in challenges from Day 1 at Camp to the bus pulls up and they hop off back to their families arms. They cope with such quiet, steadfast determination that even the youngest always impress me. Children are truly amazing with their ability to adapt, manage and thrive and this is what builds their personal character. I am always in awe of the absolute awesomeness of children. That’s why I love this job.

Self confidence: The belief in oneself and your own abilities. What better way to build self confidence then participating in new activities. To go on and achieve a new skill by determination and try. The children on camp never say “oh well I didn’t stand up at surfing” or “I didn’t construct the raft, it was too hard” they just keep trying and trying and every time they achieve- it’s magic to watch.


I have the best job in the world to watch children smile and experience such joy within themselves. Thank you camping families 🙂 IMG_E3819

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