Why Kids love Camp more than their devices.

When I ask the kids what they liked best about camp, the most common answer is “Hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows around the campfire”. That’s kids for you I suppose, there is always a few, usually boys, who yell out “ The food”. We make a big effort to provide fulfilling and quality meals for the kids and from the feedback it has paid off. A hot breakfast on a cold morning wins them over pretty quick.

The kids laugh so much on camp and smile a lot, my own cheeks hurt by the end of the day it’s so infectious. When they laugh the most is during the night time activities, the talent show, our famous disco and of course spotlight. The raft or teepee building challenge is also a big hit, kids are so ingenious.

Although all these activities make a great adventure, it’s the bonding that they appreciate the most, the kids and the staff aren’t even aware of the strong friendships and memories that they are forming whilst participating at camp. When they are all travelling home on the bus together, interacting as one big happy family, it becomes obvious and I know my job is done. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of camp. The last question they always ask me is “When’s the next camp Tammy?”.


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