Proof is in the pudding… ok the research.

This year has been a big year for Aussie Kids Adventure Camps & yes I know it’s only March.
We have started our weekend ‘Catch-All’ Camps and we are operating out of three locations. This has a huge positive impact for a lot of families. I’ve also recently embarked on a research Masters degree and my thesis question is “What is the holistic effect on children’s academic outcomes and personal well-being from participation in an outdoor education program.”
This is a passion of mine! Children need to be outside – I just know it. And so now I get to prove it.
All of my beautiful friends and supports have been sending me readings and research that they have been coming across and I just had to share some.

The findings from the EACH Wild Report ( states that

literature attests to the success of wilderness therapy. There is overwhelming evidence in regards to the value of wilderness programs and their transformative effect.

Transformative – I love it. We see this all the time on camp; children arrive anxious and refusing to try new activities, by the time they leave they have tried things beyond their expectations, made new friends, found new confidence, greater self esteem, more independence and the list goes on.

In January we took 52 campers away and all of them said they wanted to come again. I’m looking forward to this weekend camp to explore and share the great outdoors and the learning, mindfulness and endless possibilities it can provide.

Enjoy your week 😊🌳

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