A social playground!

“The desire for children to socialise, interact and feel like they are accepted and fit in with their peers is so strong. It is heartbreaking to watch them fail or too anxious to try. Providing children with the opportunity and support to learn and practice skills and strategies to socialise positively with peers and the community is a underlining theme of the ‘Catch-All’ Camp”

Happy New Year and welcome to what is warming up to be an amazing 2020. Wow what a fun school holiday camps program we started the year with.

The three day ‘Catch-All’ School Holiday Camp with campers coming from all directions to attend.

A three day Summer Sanctuary School Holiday Camp with lots of our regular school holiday campers attending plus some new faces.

AND THEN; The Tour Camp to Tasmania. Unbelievable sights, experiences and adventures.

All campers returned with new friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Well Done!

During the school holiday program thirty nine campers participated in a range of outdoor activities with their peers including; surfing, kayaking, hiking, rafting, horse riding, snorkeling, body surfing, swimming, team games, board and card games, creative art/craft, sand art, sandboarding, Bruny Island boat cruise, a 1000 stair hike through the amazing Freycinet National Park, cave tour and a swim in water warmed from deep within the earth.

The personal achievements that these campers made were amazing. The resilience built from climbing a mountain and reaching it’s peak when you didn’t believe that you could do it. Experiencing what the other side of not quitting feels like. The self esteem gained for these children and the look of success on their faces is why I love leading camp.

Of course there were challenges on all camps, some of the children learnt the value of patience, tolerance and understanding, some of them experienced the difference between including and excluding peers. All campers socialise and interact with their peers differently, some with positive outcomes some with negative. What’s important is that they started to understand and gain empathy around the effects of their actions.

Yes, at times this was tough for some children, socialising when you are a child is a learning process and if we don’t guide them and expose them to these experiences how can they ever learn.

Congratulations to our ‘Catch-All’ campers who attended their first school holiday camp. You are all so brave; being with other children for an extended period of time, being physically tired and away from the comforts of home, carers and digital screens takes courage. They all tried something new, laughed, played creatively and learnt new things about themselves and socialising whilst engaging in the program and activities. A great foundation to build off this year.

We have highlighted areas to focus on for 2020, building on the successes achieved so far. Providing children with the opportunity and support to learn and practice skills and strategies to socialise positively with peers and the community is a underlining theme of the ‘Catch-All’ Camp. Increasing independence, resilience, endurance, self esteem, self confidence and the adventurous activities, exploration, memories, laughs, friendships, respite and overall improvement to wellbeing are all a bonus of the camp programs.

We have exciting itineraries planned for 2020 and some new camp locations to explore. Look out for updates!

The Aussie Kids Adventure Camps team can’t wait to see our campers again, catch up, get outside and have some fun.


Upcoming Camps:

PMQ  1-2 Feb

Great Lakes 8-9 Feb

Coffs Harbour  15-16 Feb

Book Now: 0422 089 635 or aussiekidsadventurecamps@gmail.com

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