COVID-19 Update – we can’t go outside and socialise but it won’t be forever!

Hi campers, families and supporters

I hope you are well and keeping safe during this uncertain time. We must all remember that this time will pass and we will all get back to “normal”.

What does a business do that promotes socialising as a core part of its program when the Prime Minister is out there telling and then enforcing us to stop socialising!

As far as we can ascertain our service has not be closed by the current restrictions in relation to COVID-19. After consultation with NSW Health representatives the areas of concern are with the social distancing. It’s the time traveling on our bus and the shared sleeping quarters that the risk would be increased. With this in mind we have decided to err on the side of caution and postpone the upcoming April Catch-All Camps and School Holiday Tour Camp in an effort to be socially and professional responsible.

What I want to ensure is that Aussie Kids Adventure Camps does not spread COVID-19 or put any campers, staff, family members of campers or other community members at risk of the contagion!

I know for a lot of families that the Catch-All Camp is more than socialising, that it provides respite for parents and siblings, that the children are building self-confidence and resilience as well as learning key socialising skills. It is outdoor physical activity, getting into the natural environment and where the kids have made friends. It’s getting the kids off their devices and they are doing it with a smile. We will get back to this point some time soon in the future.

In regards to the next few months we intend on keeping you updated and once it is safe to operate the camps again we will be ‘ready to go’. We will ensure that all children wanting to come on camp can get a place on camp as soon as possible.

We understand that sometimes being restricted to the home environment can be especially hard for children with special needs and so we are offering a one on one service with children on our pre-camp program. We have been approached by a few families and providers for this program so if you are interested please let us know and we can provide more information.

Here are some photos to share with the kids to remind them of the amazing time we have had and will have again in the future on camp. Take care and remember to enjoy the day and don’t stress too much about home schooling, the most important thing is that you are all safe, healthy and together.




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