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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the staff to children ratio? The school holiday camp ratio is 1:5, your child will be placed in a team of five children with an adult team leader. The Catch-All camps are 1:3 ratio, with more support offered to the campers. The current childcare regulations are 1:7.
  2. What sort of food is served to the children? The food is wholesome and nutritious. Pasta, vegetables, eggs, beef, fruit, bread/toast, healthy snacks will be staples of the retreat food. There will be no sugary drinks or treats – except a marshmallow over the fire at night!
  3. What happens if my child gets scared at bedtime or sometime during the retreat? On occasion when children are settling for bed they may vocalize that they want their parents or to go home. Each child is individual and is treated that way, if you would like your child to be able to call you up and speak with you this can happen or if you’d like an adult to read a story or sit nearby whilst they go to sleep this can occur too. We work with families to ensure that children feel safe, valued and heard. Most children are very tired from all the days activities and fall asleep very quickly.
  4. What happens if my kids don’t want to go? When I asked the kids what they liked best about camp, the most common answer is “Hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows around the campfire”. That’s kids for you I suppose, there is always a few, usually boys, who yell out “The food”. We make a big effort to provide fulfilling and quality meals for the kids and from the feedback it has paid off. A hot breakfast on a cold morning wins them over pretty quick. The kids laugh so much on camp and smile a lot, my own cheeks hurt by the end of the day it’s so infectious. When they laugh the most is during the night time activities, the talent show, our famous disco and of course spotlight. The raft or teepee building challenge is also a big hit, kids are so ingenious. Although all these activities make a great adventure, it’s the bonding that they appreciate the most, the kids and the staff aren’t even aware of the strong friendships and memories that they are forming whilst participating at camp. When they are all traveling home on the bus together, interacting as one big happy family, it becomes obvious and I know my job is done. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of the camp. The last question they always ask me is “When’s the next camp Tamara?”
  5. What if I have more questions that aren’t covered here?  Feel free to call Tamara anytime on 0422 089 635.

Payment instructions

How much will the adventure holiday camp cost? The total cost includes transportation from Port Macquarie, accommodation for four days, bedding, food, qualified supervision and activities for the duration of the camp. Please ring or email for the latest pricing and itinerary for the January 2020 School Holiday Adventure Camps.

There are multiple options for payment, including a 3, 6 or 12 month payment plan.

Can I book online? Yes – Places are limited so fill in the contact form below and I will email you our bank details. Deposit $100.00 into our bank account via bank transfer to hold your children’s place or pay via PayPal now.

Deposit for Adventure Camps 2020

‘Catch-All Holiday Camp’ please call for further details and payment options