Parent of daughter age 9

“Gosh where do I start … 🤷🏻‍♀️Ok here goes … in my family’s case, I sent my middle child to camp after she harassed me every day to go 😝 She wanted to go to adventure camp and it was 100% her decision to go. Some of the positive outcomes for us were that it gave my gregarious daughter space away from her siblings to reboot and recharge. She has always been adventurous and at home has to be louder, prouder etc so for her to be at camp (on her own) not compared to her sister (s) or brother was beneficial. I think camp really cemented the fact that she was independent, brave and confident. She loved meeting new people, making new friends and having so many opportunities and activities to do away from the TV or devices. She wants to go again – I think that says it all ❤️ 😃😃