Camp Programs

Program outcomes are achieved through a three-tiered approach. Cognitive learning operates at the same time as the gross motor experience in a real-time face to face peer socialising model. Outcomes are achieved due to the positive emotion then attached to the experience. The accumulation of positive social stories, successes and the experienced mentoring throughout the programs improves independence, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience which flow through to other areas of the participants lives.

Weekend ‘Catch-All’ Camp

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School Holiday Camps

5 days of adventurous fun!

Peer Leader Program

Where campers become lifetime friends!

STA Camps

5 Day Short Term Accommodation (STA) Respite Camps

1:1 Supported Flexible School Holiday Program. Peace of mind for carers during self care periods

Are you struggling to manage your child’s behaviours? Placating them is only a short term solution. Learn more