Three weeks to Holidays

Everyone is looking forward to spending a long weekend with their family and celebrating Easter and it’s blessings. Just over it’s shoulder is the school holidays. Last day of school is the 13th April! We only have five spots available for camp that departs on the 23rd, so if you are looking for an amazingContinue reading “Three weeks to Holidays”

February 10-11th Weekend Camp

We are departing from Port Macquarie so pack your bag kids we are off on another adventure. The wind, moon and stars call. The activities will include a surfing lesson, fishing, swimming, beach walking, hiking plus so many more camping treats. We leave at 8am and return on Sunday at 5pm.        Continue reading “February 10-11th Weekend Camp”

Weekend Camps

Aussie Kids Adventure Camps had a really successful holiday season and took away over twenty children on camping adventures. In 2018 we are excited to announce that we will be running weekend camps. Departing from Port Macquarie, Taree and possibly from Kempsey. The camps will pick up at 8am on Saturday morning and return onContinue reading “Weekend Camps”

Outdoor play! It’s time to go….

Many parents today spent their childhood riding their bikes, climbing trees and coming home just before the street lights came on. Many children today spend much of their time indoors, playing games on their tablets or watching television. Numerous studies have shown that unstructured outdoor play is critical to the health of children. Due toContinue reading “Outdoor play! It’s time to go….”