Benefits of reconnecting with nature

Most children do not have unlimited access to the outdoors in this modern world. This is for many reasons (time poor parents, un-safer community’s) when and if they are outdoors, it is likely to be at sports day or on playground equipment. The defining experience of many of today’s youth and children is indoors, at home or in school, or in a car.  OUR RETREATS ARE HERE TO THE RESCUE!!

In the past decade, the benefits of connecting to nature have been well documented in numerous scientific research studies and publications. Collectively, this body of research shows that children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature. Positive impacts include the following:
• Supports multiple development domains.
• Supports creativity and problem solving.
• Enhances cognitive abilities.
• Improves academic performance.
• Reduces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms.
• Increases physical activity.
• Improves nutrition.
• Improves eyesight.
• Improves social relations.
• Improves self-discipline.
• Reduces stress.

Contact us today to secure your child’s place in one of our upcoming retreats.

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