Easter Inside???? We have a video for you!

Happy Easter everyone, no Easter egg hunts from us this year but a video full of memories from us to you.

These school holidays are usually one of our busiest  times of the year and it was shaping up that way only a few short weeks ago with all our camps booked out with waiting lists.

How quick life can change in the modern world, sometimes it feels like there is nothing you can do to be prepared for what may come next. On reflection I have come to value how our camp programs have prepared our campers for these times. The camps target much more than peer socialisation, they build resilience, resilience to changing environments. Independence, independence to achieve daily tasks with minimal assistance. Self confidence, to believe in oneself and have the courage to move forward and try new things and self-esteem, valuing, appreciating and respecting who we are and how we contribute to our community.

These attributes are the building blocks for successful socialisation and over the past two years we have seen many of our campers develop and build these character building traits in abundance.

Yes, we must all be cautious at present and be conscious of our actions and when this threat has passed let’s hope that as a global community we have built resilience to our rapidly changing worlds. The one thing I can promise is that when we can safely leave our houses again and visit our beautiful outdoor world without restrictions, we will be inviting all our campers to come join us.

Happy Easter Campers and Families, and support networks we miss you!

Please enjoy and share the attached video with the people you care about.



One thought on “Easter Inside???? We have a video for you!

  1. I would completely agree, very impressed with my creative, resilient, independent problem solvers as they deal with current restrictions. Jack has been leading his younger siblings through a daily camp program in our own backyard 🙂 We miss you too!


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