Happy Mothers Day

Hi Campers and Families,

Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day!

I’ve put together a few tips and tricks that I have been using to keep life on track.tammy in hoodie

The past month has been hard in so many ways, although there have been positives as well. It’s been great seeing more people outside exercising, taking time to engage in outdoor recreation.

Time outside in the beautiful sunshine is a great way for children and families to get the blood flowing, activate the senses and create an atmosphere for laughing and play. If your struggling for ideas, ask your children to share camp games with you. Red light Green light, Bullrush and Poison Letter are a few simple games that kids love and can be played in the backyard or the hallway if necessary.

Maintaining bedtime routines has also been important especially now that the school term has started. I know my children think they are still on holidays. As you may already know children need at least 9-11hrs sleep to maintain healthy development. No one is at their best when tired and lacking sleep. If you are struggling to get your child’s bedtime back on track focus on the wake-up time instead. Getting them up and out of bed earlier will ensure they are tired by the evening.

Behaviours are presented in a wide range and I’m sure that you have all seen a few over the past month. My suggestions and what I keep reminding myself is that most behaviours are to fulfill a need, focus on the need first and then have a discussion about the behaviour. Sometimes your child may only need a cuddle. Conflict between siblings may be a result of competing for attention. As a parent or carer distributing attention between all the people that require it without becoming completely drained yourself is a challenging undertaking. My suggestion would be to regularly ‘check in’ with your children preempting conflict and praise any positive behaviours.

Home Schooling is new to lots of us, especially if you are working from home. Be proud and encourage. Everyone learns at different stages and ages, forget about “keeping up with the Jones kids”. Whatever your child achieves is enough.

The last and final thing to remember during this time is your own self-care. Make or find time to sit out in the sun with a warm drink and a book, go out for an early walk before the house wakes up and give hugs, to family members only of course.

Stay safe, I’m hoping to have the camps back up and running by end of May/June. We will see what next weeks announcements bring.

If you would like to get your children back on camp ASAP send us an email or message so we can pencil them in.

Enjoy your day, to all the Mothers out there!

Talk soon




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