I’m going outside, who’s coming??

I’ve recently decided to study for my Masters in Outdoor Education. It’s a big jump with my already busy schedule of two children, camps, casework, tutoring and life in general, but I feel it will be worth it. As such I’ve been researching and reading as much as I can about Outdoor Education and theContinue reading “I’m going outside, who’s coming??”

Why Kids love Camp more than their devices.

When I ask the kids what they liked best about camp, the most common answer is “Hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows around the campfire”. That’s kids for you I suppose, there is always a few, usually boys, who yell out “ The food”. We make a big effort to provide fulfilling and quality meals forContinue reading “Why Kids love Camp more than their devices.”

Four Weeks to School Holidays

Not that I’m counting, ok, yes I am. Four week to school holidays which means four weeks to camp, I can’t wait. I’m excited for all the activities the kids will be undertaking but I am so excited for a canoeing adventure/challenge. Working together as a team, planning, mastering, failing, laughing, persevering and having fun.Continue reading “Four Weeks to School Holidays”

Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence

Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence are the three listed personal development areas of children on my web page. Have you wondered why I picked these? During and after camp the children all display an increase in their personal development in these key areas. Independence: At home most things are done for them. Clothes are washedContinue reading “Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence”

Five reason why children should play outside

Technology – grrrrr. We love it but it distracts our kids so much. Research tells us if you want your child to be happy, focused & socially adept then point them outside. But we have all heard the same things “It’s boring” “Five more minutes on my iPad” “There’s nothing to do out there” andContinue reading “Five reason why children should play outside”