My Favourite Moment From Camp.

Ever had the experience of laughing so much that you cry?

This camp during our raft challenge I had tears rolling down my face.

Let’s just say the rafts were barely sea worthy but the kids didn’t give up, with some ingenuity (a blow up ring) & rope the vessels were put to the test in a classic Team Bass verse Team Warriors challenge.

Team Warriors were the outright winner but the captain of the ship had us in stitches with his paddling, capsizing & cries for help (all quite dramatized & everyone was of course safe).

So much fun had by all even in the rain!


Three weeks to Holidays

Everyone is looking forward to spending a long weekend with their family and celebrating Easter and it’s blessings.

Just over it’s shoulder is the school holidays. Last day of school is the 13th April!

We only have five spots available for camp that departs on the 23rd, so if you are looking for an amazing experience for your child these holidays than email or call.

Surfing, canoeing, quad bike riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, horse riding – your child will not be bored!!!


0422 089 635                                            

February 10-11th Weekend Camp

We are departing from Port Macquarie so pack your bag kids we are off on another adventure. The wind, moon and stars call.

The activities will include a surfing lesson, fishing, swimming, beach walking, hiking plus so many more camping treats.

We leave at 8am and return on Sunday at 5pm.                                   IMG_0234

Pick up and further details will be sent on the confirmation letter once your child has been booked in.


Just complete application form and deposit $299 into bank account and your work is done!!

We are taking a maximum of ten on this camp, so be sure to register your interest soon.

Adventure Camp Application Form



Weekend Camps

Aussie Kids Adventure Camps had a really successful holiday season and took away over twenty children on camping adventures.

In 2018 we are excited to announce that we will be running weekend camps.

Departing from Port Macquarie, Taree and possibly from Kempsey.

The camps will pick up at 8am on Saturday morning and return on Sunday at 5pm. The children will participate in similar activities to our school holiday program with surfing, horse riding, hiking, swimming, canoeing, paddle boarding potentially on offer.

The cost is all inclusive at $299


Current scheduled dates:

10-11th February       (Port Macquarie)

24-25th February     (Taree/Forster)

10-11th March           (Port Macquarie)

24-25th March           (Coffs Harbour)

7-8th April (School Holiday camp: 23-26 April)

12-13th May                 (Port Macquarie)

26-27th May                 (Forster/Taree)

9-10th June                   (Coffs Harbour)

23-24th June                  (Kempsey)

28-29th July (School Holiday camp: 9-12 July)


Please feel free to contact via email or phone for forms and further details.

Heading off to camp…

As I packed the 4wd yesterday with tents, mattress and equipment I smiled to myself. The neighbor sings out “how long are you going for? A month?”. I giggled to myself and thought “no but with a lot of beautiful children to cater for you need lots of equipment”. In saying this the 4wd canopy was not full, which in my mind means room for more!

I’m looking forward to seeing the smiling faces of the parents and children today and I can’t wait to take them for  a surfing lessons first thing. ( Surfing with a soul is an amazing idea, teaching kids respect for the earth, ocean and each other while learning a new skill – wonderful.

I know when we return I will be tired as will the kids but I will cherish the extra smile lines that the week has put on my face and the memories in the kids hearts.

See you Friday………

Outdoor play! It’s time to go….

Many parents today spent their childhood riding their bikes, climbing trees and coming home just before the street lights came on. Many children today spend much of their time indoors, playing games on their tablets or watching television. Numerous studies have shown that unstructured outdoor play is critical to the health of children. Due to our parenting style in the times we live in many children have experienced a marked decline in the time they spend in free play.
Physical Fitness
Childhood obesity is on the rise, one way to combat this is to allow children plenty of outdoor playtime. Outdoor play gives children the opportunity to run, jump, climb, swim, dance and more, all of which provide aerobic exercise and strength training. Outdoor physical activity also strengthens the immune system and improves vitamin D levels.  
Mental Health

I work in the community services sector and see scores of children with mental health conditions. I know of numerous children with mental health issues from wealthy, healthy, mindful parents. This is a huge issue and is not going away.

It may be hard to accept that children could experience stress or suffer from conditions like depression or anxiety, but these issues are becoming more common for today’s children, who have busy schedules with school and extracurricular activities. 
Intellectual Development
The neurological benefits of unstructured outdoor play extend far beyond mental health. Outdoor play also encourages learning and problem-solving skills, which can help children perform better in the classroom. Unstructured outdoor play also promotes creativity, which children can apply to their academic learning, helping them see the material in another way.
The list of benefits of our children being outdoors playing, exploring and learning from themselves and peers is endless. 

First Camp

Importance of  Family is excited to be operating it’s first adventure in September 2017.

The only provider of Children’s Retreats on the Mid North Coast, we are proud to be

bringing this opportunity to children in the region.

Staff are packed and super excited to set off on our first adventure.

Spaces are limited, so secure your child’s spot soon.

Email for an application form or call to speak with the Director; Tamara and secure your seat on the bus.

Benefits of reconnecting with nature

Most children do not have unlimited access to the outdoors in this modern world. This is for many reasons (time poor parents, un-safer community’s) when and if they are outdoors, it is likely to be at sports day or on playground equipment. The defining experience of many of today’s youth and children is indoors, at home or in school, or in a car.  OUR RETREATS ARE HERE TO THE RESCUE!!

In the past decade, the benefits of connecting to nature have been well documented in numerous scientific research studies and publications. Collectively, this body of research shows that children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature. Positive impacts include the following:
• Supports multiple development domains.
• Supports creativity and problem solving.
• Enhances cognitive abilities.
• Improves academic performance.
• Reduces Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) symptoms.
• Increases physical activity.
• Improves nutrition.
• Improves eyesight.
• Improves social relations.
• Improves self-discipline.
• Reduces stress.

Contact us today to secure your child’s place in one of our upcoming retreats.

Ph: 0422 089 635