January 2019 Holiday Camp

Join us for a road trip of a lifetime!

Aussie Kids Adventure Camps are going on tour this January school holidays. We are so excited to be heading north to the Coffs coast and the Waterfall Way wilderness. The aptly named “Audacious Adventurer Camp” runs 21st – 24th January 2019.

This camp makes an unforgettable ‘experience based’ present for your child and offers you the added benefit of respite from the kids during the busy January holiday period. Catering for Kids 7 – 14 yrs and packed full of supported social and peer interaction.

Places are filling up fast and are limited, please call, email or message today to make an enquiry or book your child on this adventure of a lifetime.

Ph: 0422 089 635 or aussiekidsadventurecamps@gmail.com

“Audacious Adventurer Camp”  21st – 24th January 2019 the ultimate holiday fun!

January ‘Audacious Adventurer’ 2019 Holiday Camp – Itinerary

January ‘Audacious Adventurer’ 2019 Holiday Camp – Overview & Inclusions

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It’s Time.

It’s time for you and your family to regain some inner peace. It’s past mid year and we have all been running this race called life. Waking up on these crisp mornings and jumping out of bed doesn’t work for everyone, I understand.

So today take some time for yourself, maybe a quiet cup of tea or 10 minutes of your favourite book or TV show. Whatever helps you relax!

But don’t forget the kids, they need a break too. School is so busy, along with all the extra curricular activities. So today let them relax in whatever way they chose and leave them alone (at least for 10 mins) before we start motivating them to the next task.

Maybe try a family mediation session, who knows even Dad might enjoy it.

Have a great day because there will never be another one like this again 🙂 Yoga mountain

I’m going outside, who’s coming??

I’ve recently decided to study for my Masters in Outdoor Education. It’s a big jump with my already busy schedule of two children, camps, casework, tutoring and life in general, but I feel it will be worth it. As such I’ve been researching and reading as much as I can about Outdoor Education and the impacts it can have on humans. Although I am still early into investigating and plan on delving further into these impacts, the findings have been amazing.

What they all point to is the absolute importance of time spent outdoors in nature for the overall benefits to us as humans. I see it all the time at camp with the children, they absolutely thrive independently and socially. The thrill of overcoming a fear or completing a task in a team or on their own. Building friendships and picking up with that friendship on the next camp. The research states it but I’ve seen it and I can’t wait to undertake my studies to prove it as well…..


“has obviously almost automatically a positive effect on attentiveness, self-awareness and, at the same time, seems to reduce considerably a person’s feeling of being under the pressure of, for instance, time, deadlines, and social demands. The physical distance to a person’s daily routines seems to create a psychological distance, too.”

Mental health benefits of outdoor adventures: Results from two pilot studies (MichaelMutzJohannesMüller)

“Health and learning benefits were evident in the physical, phsychological and spiritual context, specifically with regards to developing self-efficacy, intellectual flexibiiltiy, personal skills, and relationship building.”  

Benefits of Outdoor Skills to Health, Learning and Lifestyle: Literature Review (Stuart Cottrell 2, Jana Raadik Cottrell1)

“This view recognizes that plants and animals (including humans) do not exist as independent entities as was once thought, but instead are part of complex and interconnected ecosystems on which they are entirely dependent, and fundamentally a part of (Driver et al.,1996). As Suzuki states, the ecosystem is the fundamental capital on which all life is dependent (Suzuki, 1990). It is clear that nature and natural environments relate to human health and well-being. 

Healthy nature healthy people: ‘contact with nature’ as an upstream health promotion intervention for populations (Cecily Maller Mardie Townsend Anita Pryor Peter Brown Lawrence St Leger )

NOT For Parents!

You’re never too old to go camping, but sorry Mums and Dads our camps are for KIDS ONLY.

Other than our experienced and qualified staff, it’s all about the kids!

Keep this bit quiet though. The kids will not only have a fantastic time they will also have responsibilities, learn to overcome barriers, be a part of a team, feel empowered to contribute beyond themselves and establish friendships from a wider community.

Aussie Kids adventure camps re-connect kids with nature- rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, grasslands, wildlife and star filled nights. There’s no agenda, only connection.

Our carefully selected activities appeal to both boys and girls and incorporate physical, emotional and sensory experiences. The culture created builds self-esteem and resilience amongst the children. Children express creativity in many ways, at Aussie Kids Adventure Camps they are given a space to explore in a safe and supervised environment.

Places are filling up fast for our Winter Warrior Adventure camp, click here! for an information pack.

Having trouble selling it to the kids? Check out Camp Director Tammy’s post on Why kids love camp more than their devices.”

Or contact her directly on 0422089635/aussiekidsadventurecamps@gmail.com

Why Kids love Camp more than their devices.

When I ask the kids what they liked best about camp, the most common answer is “Hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows around the campfire”. That’s kids for you I suppose, there is always a few, usually boys, who yell out “ The food”. We make a big effort to provide fulfilling and quality meals for the kids and from the feedback it has paid off. A hot breakfast on a cold morning wins them over pretty quick.

The kids laugh so much on camp and smile a lot, my own cheeks hurt by the end of the day it’s so infectious. When they laugh the most is during the night time activities, the talent show, our famous disco and of course spotlight. The raft or teepee building challenge is also a big hit, kids are so ingenious.

Although all these activities make a great adventure, it’s the bonding that they appreciate the most, the kids and the staff aren’t even aware of the strong friendships and memories that they are forming whilst participating at camp. When they are all travelling home on the bus together, interacting as one big happy family, it becomes obvious and I know my job is done. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of camp. The last question they always ask me is “When’s the next camp Tammy?”.


Four Weeks to School Holidays

Not that I’m counting, ok, yes I am.

Four week to school holidays which means four weeks to camp, I can’t wait.

I’m excited for all the activities the kids will be undertaking but I am so excited for a canoeing adventure/challenge. Working together as a team, planning, mastering, failing, laughing, persevering and having fun. I am sure that my cheeks will be sore from smiling and that the kids will have the best day!

It’s not too late to for your child to come so call soon – 0422 089 635.


Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence

Independence, Resilience & Self Confidence are the three listed personal development areas of children on my web page.

Have you wondered why I picked these?

During and after camp the children all display an increase in their personal development in these key areas.

Independence: At home most things are done for them. Clothes are washed & packed away, maybe even put on the bed to help them get organized in the morning for the day. Breakfast is laid out on the table with little or no expectation of help with the dishes. School bags are packed, lunches, homework all ready to grab (or let parents grab) on the way out the door. NOT at camp – the kids pack their own things, choose their own clothes, get their own cereal, put the dishes off the table & assist in cleaning up, the expectation is for them to manage their own belongings AND they do. They are amazing, no complaints, no problems they just get on with it. Super amazing!

Resilience: What is resilience? It’s about coping with challenges and changes in your life. Wow, camp is a big change from home life.  The kids are immersed in challenges from Day 1 at Camp to the bus pulls up and they hop off back to their families arms. They cope with such quiet, steadfast determination that even the youngest always impress me. Children are truly amazing with their ability to adapt, manage and thrive and this is what builds their personal character. I am always in awe of the absolute awesomeness of children. That’s why I love this job.

Self confidence: The belief in oneself and your own abilities. What better way to build self confidence then participating in new activities. To go on and achieve a new skill by determination and try. The children on camp never say “oh well I didn’t stand up at surfing” or “I didn’t construct the raft, it was too hard” they just keep trying and trying and every time they achieve- it’s magic to watch.


I have the best job in the world to watch children smile and experience such joy within themselves. Thank you camping families 🙂 IMG_E3819

Five reason why children should play outside

Technology – grrrrr. We love it but it distracts our kids so much.

Research tells us if you want your child to be happy, focused & socially adept then point them outside. But we have all heard the same things “It’s boring” “Five more minutes on my iPad” “There’s nothing to do out there” and so it goes on.

These are statements that NEVER come out of a child’s mouth on camp.

So what are the Five researched benefits of outside play:

  • Boosts Academic performance
  • improves sleep
  • increases happiness
  • reduces ADHD symptoms
  • decreases bullying

Give yourself a break next holidays and send your kids outside on camp!

You’ll love how calm, happy and connected they return….